Being Casual with the Casuals.

Clothing has evolved so much that when we look back to centuries before and now we have really come a long way. Our early humans covered themselves with parts of trees like leaves, barks to cover themselves from animals and climate. But today our dressing is mainly concentrated on how we look, or how we want to present our self as! Even some 40 years ago, people weren’t as choosy as today. Only the rich had the higher quality and that Richie look of clothes. The common man was seen dressed very simple, with no intentions.  The riches had the ideas of looking the best. They used new materials available then, like velvet and other costly materials and used them in their clothing styles. Later when there were kings and queens, dressing took a whole new level as royalty became the deciding factor. We have seen Queen Elizabeth, who even today is seen as a role model for her dressing sense. Get more great dressing ideas on

Today we have celebrities sporting all new looks, and becoming models to our younger and prevailing generations. When there is someone walking on the red carpet, the look is captured and immediately we have similar attires roaming in the malls. Dressing is every person’s personal choice. Nobody can restrict, unless they are bound to, like at a work place due to reasons. Otherwise, each one has their own way of dressing. There are ample options to choose from in today’s fashion world. And dressing is also one of the most common problems found today, because of the same reason. Being causal is the best type all of us like to wear. It doesn’t need too much of work. All you concentrate on is your comfort and your taste. Playing with colours and trends, choosing casuals is really easy. Catching up with old pals, making new friends at a coffee shop, all of these are our favourite times to get dressed. We team jeans or skirts full or half with a tee n tie a bow to our hairs and just go. And for boys, casuals are all the easier, a jean and a tee, they are done.  But if casuals are your work dress, then you have to be wiser in choosing the dress for your office wear.

Getting ready to office, a casual workplace is really little difficult. If it was a formal workplace, then wearing a pencil skirt with a shirt, a jean with a neat shirt, a formal pant and a shirt would help you much. But a casual workplace calls for more confident look, yet being stylish in your own way. We shall give you some tips on dressing for a casual workplace, for both men and women.

For Men:

Men working in a casual workplace like construction organisations which requires going to construction sites, wearing a jean with a shirt would be appropriate. For the IT casual workplace, you must be more presentable as you will be dealing with people of different regions. You shouldn’t be dressing up in a way as to embarrass yourself. For a techy guy, casuals range anything from jeans, chordrouys, and semi-formal too. Jeans itself have different styles, you may need to choose from wide range, the one that fits you the best, for men jean is the show stopper and if it spoils them you are going to be looked down. Wearing a polo tee, neatly pressed, a button down shirt, cardigans, tie-less shirts will all form a good image. For special occasions you may wear a semi-formal or casual blazer teaming with a jean and shirt for that higher look.

Being casual only in attire won’t help unless you have a good pair of footwear to match them with. For casuals, other than running and specific walking shoes, all other shoes would look great. Sneakers would look great on corduroys and jeans too. Wearing footwear with a jean to a workplace is really not advised.

For Women:

Women have the widest range and styles to choose from. Starting from skirts, jeans, Capri, corduroys, slacks, dresses to tops, shirts, tees, sweatshirts, pullover tops, tank tops, blouses, jackets, the list will be on and on. But girls choose what makes you feel comfortable and easy. You can mix and match any of these and all of these, to create huge fashion at workplace. Keep your accessories light for the workplace. And carry yourself with dignity, so that those who look at you will know your personality. Keep things simple and not too complicated. Don’t overcrowd yourself with too many of these, like a jean, a shirt, pullover, and a scarf, adding with some huge danglers and heavy make-up. You can still refer to some more images and make-over your wardrobe and get stylish the casual way.

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